For some time now many Companies have originated stating claim to this procedure and the research involved in it’s creation. Defog Windows is the only Approved License holder from the inventor Stephen Collins. Window defogging was invented in Ottawa by Stephen in 1989 and he applied for a patent that same year and was granted his first window defogging patent in 1994. Since then he has been granted a further three more patents on this process. We are pleased to say that we are Official Agents for Ireland for this process. We have completed instructions from the developer to use and state the correct patents relating to these procedures. The following patents are the only ones which actually repair and prevent water damage in-between thermal or double glazed window units.
We have to advise you that some other firms state patent numbers some of which do not exist. We have been given full permission to state the correct patent and feel free to check as they are listed in the Canadian Patent Office database.

  • 1332541 – Current Patent Number
  • 2456610 – Current Patent Number
  • 2555225 – Current Patent Number
  • 2555217 – Current Patent Number